Seafood for 2 @ Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market - Grilled Gala Platter

17th November 2011. Eaten by Xin Li.
The Groupon deal came at the right time when I was craving for some seafood. The deal was for a Grilled Gala Platter for 2 at 21.10 SGD instead of 42.25 SGD (after taxes).

Manhattan Fish Market - Grilled Gala Platter

At first sight, the platter might look small for two but the appearance is pure deception. The Garlic Herb Rice and the choice of creamy sauces probably helped fill up our stomachs at the end of the meal. The platter came with tiger prawns, grilled fish fillets, calamari and mussels and seasoned fries.

Manhattan Fish Market - Grilled Gala Platter

While the calamari might be tender, it has this annoying outer skin. The mussels are quite addictive with the cheese and garlic sauce, the tiger prawns were tasteless but a bit pepper and lemon resolves this easily. Overall, I am rather satisfied with the meal but I am not quite sure if I would fork out 42.25 SGD for the grilled platter.

The service at Central was less than satisfactory in terms of efficiency. Attitude wise it was okay.

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