Phuket : Yellow Orchid at the Airport

Phuket International Airport

5th August 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Phuket, Thailand.
It was our last day in Phuket and we definitely need to eat this before flying back to Singapore: Mango Sticky Rice. At Phuket International Airport, we spotted Yellow Orchid Restaurant which is the restaurant under Thai Airways Catering.

Yellow Orchid -  Interior

Curious to find out what kind of food they offer, we went in for dessert. I ordered a glass of Thai Iced Milk Tea which was really sweet and rich and the Mango Sticky Rice. All of which cost me about 188 THB.

Yellow Orchid -  Mango Sticky Rice

While the mango was sweet and the rice was pretty decent, the coconut sauce was too bland though. Nonetheless, it did satisfy my craving for the Thai dessert.

Yellow Orchid -  Mango Sticky Rice

Vinleon had the hot Thai Iced Milk tea only to change it to the iced version after taking a sip of it that sent him to sugar heaven. Thankfully, the restaurant was prompt to change it for us when they found out its not to Vin’s liking.

Yellow Orchid -  Thai Iced Milk Tea

Yellow Orchid Restaurant
Phuket International Airport


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