Phuket : Dining at the Villa Zolitude

Villa Zolitude - Table

4th – 5th August 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Phuket, Thailand.
Reluctant to step out of the nirvana we found in Villa Zolitude, we decided to have dinner in the resort’s restaurant, 360 Degrees Restaurant.

Villa Zolitude - Restaurant

I had the Ped Phad Prik Thai Dum, Stir fried roast duck breast with ground black pepper, onions and bell pepper (220 THB) to go with my rice. It was tasty and very yummy. While, it might be a little strong on the pepper, the sweetness of the onions and the flavors of the duck meat could still be picked up.

Villa Zolitude - Ped Phad Prik Thai Dum

Gaeng Kiew Whan, Mild Green curry with a choice of chicken, pork, beef or prawns (230 THB). Mild is an inaccurate description of its spiciness. However, the dish managed to deliver too, it was slightly fluid and the coconut flavor was just right.

Villa Zolitude - Green Curry Chicken

The star of the day got to be the simple dessert of Coconut Ice Cream, paired with crunchy almond bits, this simple milky, rich ice cream stole the limelight for the dinner.

Villa Zolitude - Coconut Ice Cream

Breakfast was served in the same restaurant in the morning. The blinds were being drawn though to prevent the glaring sunlight from causing discomfort to the guests. The breakfast was a sumptuous affair featuring a diversity of cuisine from local, Chinese, Western to Japanese.

Villa Zolitude - Seats

Breakfast at Villa Zolitude was just as impressive. You can have your toast and croissants toasted the way you like them, coffee and tea are served fresh in individual pots, great spread, and on top of that, the view is a feast to the eyes. After the breakfast, I suggest you take a walk around the compounds of Zolitude.” - Vinleon

Villa Zolitude - Breakfast
Villa Zolitude - Breakfast

I haven’t see pancakes in breakfast buffets, this is the first time encountering them. Not the best, but enough to fulfill a craving.

Villa Zolitude - Pancakes

My favourite combination, warm and crispy croissant with strawberry jam and butter.

Villa Zolitude - Croissant

Vinleon decided to go big breakfast style with bacon, ham and omelette.

Villa Zolitude - Breakfast

I prefer Scrambled Eggs with a sprinkle of black pepper.

Villa Zolitude - Scrambled Egg

A pot of Earl Grey tea to complement our breakfast.

Villa Zolitude - Nigiri Sushi

Villa Zolitude - Tea

They even have waffles for breakfast!

Villa Zolitude - Egg Station

Sushi for breakfast? Villa Zolitude’s rendition is a little strange though.

Villa Zolitude - Nigiri Sushi

Lastly, we finished our breakfast with a platter of fresh fruits. Yummy.

Villa Zolitude - Fresh Fruits

Villa Zolitude
Chalong, 53/25 Moo 5
Soi Bann Nai Trok, Chaofa Nok Rd.
Muang, Phuket 83130, Thailand
076-521 333 52 1333


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