Flight | TR 2152 | Singapore to Phuket

TR 2152 - Singapore Budget Terminal

2nd August 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Tiger Airways, TR 2152SIN to HKT
I shall take a break from my European posts and visit tropical Phuket for the moment for some sun. I have been travelling a lot last vacation break and Phuket was the next stop after my Penang and Melaka trip.

TR 2152 - Tiger Airways

This time round, Vinleon and I went for the trip together with our moose!

TR 2152 - Moose and Lotus Rice

Took Tiger Airways as its fares seemed to beat Jetstar most of the time for the trip. Hence our day started off at the budget terminal in the morning.

TR 2152 - Off Changi

The plane took its usual course of taking off towards the south before performing a u-turn flying pass Changi and towards Phuket over the Straits of Johor,

TR 2152 - Changi Naval Base

Giving us a glimpse of Chek Jawa at low tide in Pulau Ubin and

TR 2152 - Chek Jawa

The Causeway connecting both Malaysia and Singapore.

TR 2152 - Causeway, Selat Johor

The flight was a short 2-3 hours flight. Cramp and uncomfortable but that’s budget airlines for you. The flight was smooth throughout too.

TR 2152 - Eastern Singapore

TR 2152 - Northeastern Singapore

By late morning, we arrive at Phuket International Airport from the East.

TR2152 - Thalang, Phuket

In contrast to the urban jungles of Singapore and Bangkok, Phuket is an emerald island with farmland and plantations situated along meandering tributaries.

TR2152 - Thalang, Phuket

The plane flew pass Threp Krasattri, an expressway connecting the North and South of the island and mainland Thailand over a bridge.

TR2152 - Thep Krasattri

Get ready to disembark!

TR2152 - Phuket International Airport


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