A Trip to Highlander Coffee Bar

Looking for a nice place for an after-lunch cuppa, my friends and I settled at the Highlander Coffee Bar along Kampong Bahru Road. One might be forgiven for wondering why it is situated right in the middle of a KTV enclave and next to a long, dusty road...

Stepping inside, I honestly felt a little claustrophobic because the outlet was nothing more than a tiny counter and about six small tables, a space probably only capable of seating less than twenty people. Nonetheless, a good selection of cakes and beverages seemed particularly welcoming and we settled for their coffee in its various incarnations.

The double espresso ($3.50 nett) came with an imperfect crema, which was unimpressive to say the least. Fortunately, it fared much better on the taste - smooth and moderately strong, but not overly laden with the much feared tannins.

My friend had a warm hazelnut latte ($3.50 nett), which he thought had a smooth hazelnut flavour that was neither too overwhelming nor too sweet for his liking.

49 Kampong Bahru Road (near Singapore General Hospital)

6226 1686

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 0900 to 1700


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