London : Munchkins & St.Paul

London : People at Tate Modern

11th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
London, United Kingdom.
The area is around Tate Modern is spacious and there are plenty of room for people (and pigeons) to chill out.

London : People at Tate Modern

London : Pigeons at Tate Modern

Just across the Thames from Tate Modern is the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral designed by Sir Christopher Wren. A must visit for anyone visiting London.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Pity photography was not allowed inside.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Connecting the enormous cathedral to the Tate Modern across the River Thames is the Millennium Bridge, a steel suspension pedestrian bridge designed by Foster and Partners.

St. Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge

We had our 2nd dinner in London at Munchkins Restaurant along the Great Russell Street, a restaurant specializing in traditional English food. The setting was more like an American diner.

Munchkins - Interior

The restaurant is probably geared for the tourists around the British Museum as there are menus in multiple languages and they even accept Euros and US Dollars for payment.

Munchkins - Fish and Chips

Curious as to what would Fish and Chips is like in UK, I ordered a medium Fish and Chips for 8.95 GBP. It came with a generous serving of fries and a side dish of mashed peas, the fish and chips were quite a disappointment. The fish was too tough and bland, probably overfried.

Munchkins - Bangers and Mash

We also had the Bangers and Mash (8.95 GBP), which is basically two huge pieces of beef sausages in a pool of mixed beans and a serving of mashed potato. The potato mash is thin and bland, with a powdery texture. The sausage was ordinary at best.



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