Flight | TG 0413 | Bangkok to Singapore

TG 0413 - Checking in at Suvanabhumi Airport
16th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Thai Airways Flight 0413, Bangkok to Singapore.
It was our return flight from Bangkok last year on Thai Airways, TG 0413. The flight was comfortable as always. This time the lunch was a bit different, as the menu has been spiced up a bit in celebration of the King’s Birthday in December.

TG 0413 - Boarding
I had the Prawn Curry with Rice. I lunch is a delicious fare of succulent and crunchy prawns with a hearty curry to go with rice, a perfect match.

TG 0413 - Lunch : Prawn Curry
The dessert is a Chocolate Cake with some kind of berry sauce and there is also a Thai Salad too.

TG 0413 - Sides

As usual, the bread was kept warm and fluffy.

TG 0413 - Nong Phrue, Thailand

From Suvarnabhumi Airport, the plane fly pass Rayong, a coastal city along the Gulf of Thailand.

TG 0413 - Rayong, Thailand

As it flew pass Malaysia, I spotted a rainbow.

TG 0413 - Rainbow over Malaysia

Ships off the coast of Johor.

TG 0413 - Off the coast of Eastern Johor

Then Nongsa, at the northeastern-tip of Batam Island.

TG 0413 - Nongsa, Batam

The Southern Islands of Singapore came into view as it approaches Singapore Changi International Airport for landing.

TG 0413 - Southern Islands, Singapore

But not before one gets a view of the Marina Bay and the East Coast as it descends.

TG 0413 - Singapore

TG 0413 - East Coast, Singapoe

Bedok Camp! Heard the RT and IPPT there is very shiong.

TG 0413 -  - Bedok Camp

Changi MRT Depot and a water facility are the last few sights.

TG 0413 - Changi, Singapore

TG 0413 - Changi Depot, Singapore

Anyway, Thai Airways having a NATAS Sale now, UOB also have offers for Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific tickets for a certain timeframe. Tickets to Bangkok going for 277- 288 SGD in December. No black out months like Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. However, certain dates in November and December are not applicable.


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