Flight | QR641 | Flying with the "World's Best" to London

QR 0641 - Changi International Airport, Singapore
8th - 9th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Singapore to London, United Kingdom
Qatar Airways knocked our national carrier off the champion seat this year in Skytrax World Airline Awards. I had the opportunity to with the award-winning 5 star airline for my Europe trip.

QR 0641 - Changi International Airport, Singapore

Our flight to Doha started off with a slight delay, not uncommon.

QR0641 - Boarding

The beginning was disastrous with a disorganized and confused check-in procedure at Singapore Changi International Airport followed by an individual entertainment system that failed to work for the flight from Singapore to Doha.

QR 0641 - Economy Class Cabin Interior

The interior is clean and furnished in burgundy and white, the colours of the flag of Qatar.

QR 0641 - Economy Class Cabin Interior

The night view of Singapore at night was awesome.

QR0641 - Singapore Night View

The flight was rather uncomfortable for the Singapore to Doha leg. With a non-functioning entertainment system, it is hard not to be aware of the noise in the cabin.

QR0641 - Boarding Pass

This was followed by a hiccup at Doha due to a misprint of our boarding passes at Singapore Changi International Airport.

QR0641 - Economy Class Cabin

Nonetheless, the service attitude of the cabin crew was good and they tried to help to reset the entertainment system several times.

QR 0641 - Menu

The Doha to London flight was much better, it was a smooth and comfortable flight and one gets treated to magnificent views while crossing the boundary between day and night over Asia Minor and the Europe.

QR 0005 - Boundary between Day & Night

The food was served on plastic trays with plastic cutlery. It is a little disappointing for visual reasons but it’s the content that matters right?

QR0641 - Dinner

Luckily, the food was okay. Thai Airways inflight meals still wins hands-down (for both aesthetics and taste).

QR0641 - Chicken Stew

SIN-DOH : Singapore to DohaTo my surprise, dinner was served. I was expecting a night snack considering how late it was.

QR0641 - Peach Crumble

Entrée is a Chicken Stew in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes with chives, carrots and green beans. It was accompanied by Vegetable and Pasta Salad with Tomato Salsa and Peach Crumble for desert. I somewhat enjoyed the Peach Crumble and the Chicken Stew reminded me of Cathay Pacific’s Chicken and Potato meals, but slightly blander.

QR0641 - Night Snack

There was even night snack being served. A warm filled pastry to fill our tummy before your transit in Doha airport.

QR 0005 - Night Snack

DOH-LHR : Doha to London HeathrowOur flight started off with a Chicken and Mushroom Ragout pastry for night snack together with a Munchys chocolate coated cookie.

QR 0005 - Breakfast

For breakfast, I had Strawberry Filled Pancakes with Maple Syrup. The pancakes were disappointing, it was drenched in maple syrup and has turned soggy as a result. Bread was okay.

QR 0005 - Pancakes filled with Strawberries

The appearance matches its taste.

QR 0005 - Breadroll and Croissant

Cold hard Bread Roll contrasted with the warm Croissant with its crispy crust and fluffy interior.

QR 0005 - Omelette and Hash Brown

The Omelette and Hash Brown option seemed better.

QR 0005 - Cabin Interior : Sleep Time

All in all, Qatar Airways still got rough ends to polish up. The service and little touches like an amenities bag with blindfolds, toothbrush and toothpaste or that pre-flight sweets are excellent but glaring issues with fundamentals of getting a check-in done properly and having the entertainment system work is very important.

QR0641 - Amenities Pack

Price wise, Qatar Airways do offer some competitive prices to Europe and Bali with their offers and promotions once in a while and most of the tickets are eligible for accumulation of miles which expires after a 5 year period. When I did my booking, Qatar airfares were on par with Emirates and definitely cheaper than Singapore Airlines. Earlier,they even have a 2-for-1 offer! Currently, there is a free Bali ticket offer if you book an eligible flight.

QR0641 - Inflight Entertainment

For entertainment, choices are rather limited but enough to satisfy the occasional movie-watching. With Futurama and the Simpsons onboard, I am satisfied.

Currently, flights tend to transit at Doha International Airport which is lacking in facilities and highly not recommended for long transits until the new airport is completed.


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