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Ruean Thai - Building

21st February 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Sukhothai, Thailand.
After a long and arduous 6-hour mini-bus ride from Ayutthaya to Sukhothai, we finally arrived at our hotel, Ruean Thai. The hotel is located in New Sukhothai, a modern settlement with concrete structures as opposed to the more laid back Old Sukhothai where the historical monuments are located in.

Ruean Thai - Swimming Pool (Night)

The swimming pool.

Ruean Thai - Swimming Pool

The hotel has a Thai resort atmosphere with ornaments, vintage items, antiques and trinkets decorating every corner of the hotel. The most interesting feature of the hotel is the exposed Thai roof structure which allows you to examine the skeleton of the traditional Thai roof.

Ruean Thai - Lounge

The lounge outside the Deluxe Room.

Ruean Thai - Outdoors

A birdhouse.

Ruean Thai - Outdoor Decor

The hotel was managed by an elderly man who can speak limited English and Mandarin and it has a beautiful courtyard swimming pool and an in-house restaurant serving Thai classics. Complimentary wifi and bicycles are provided too.

Ruean Thai - Deluxe Room

For a party of 13 people, we booked 2 Deluxe Rooms (which can accommodate 3 pax) and 4 Superior Rooms (2 pax). The spacious Deluxe Rooms cost 3200-3700 THB while the Superior Room cost 1800-2300 THB. The rooms are tastefully decorated with Thai crafts and antiques. Beds were comfortable if not luxurious. The only downside is the lack of toiletries in the toilets. Perhaps, it is an effort to go “green”?

Ruean Thai - Breakfast Hall Exterior

A buffet breakfast was served in the Breakfast Hall. The buffet includes Thai fried rice, stir-fried noodles as well as salads, eggs, ham, sausages and bacon for Western taste buds. Fresh fruits were being served as well.

Ruean Thai - Breakfast Room

Ruean Thai - Breakfast

Ruean Thai - Breakfast

Ruean Thai - Breakfast

My favourite is the toast bread station where the waitresses will toast our choice of bread (white or wholemeal) which you could eat it with either jam, butter or both. Yummy…The usual tea and coffee was accompanied by other options such as fruit juices (which are very sweet).

Ruean Thai - Breakfast

To save the trouble of scouting around the town for lunch, we decided to have lunch at their in-house restaurant. The food wasn’t as impressive as its breakfast.

Ruean Thai - Thai Iced Milk Tea

For a start, the Thai Iced Milk Tea was extremely sweet.

Ruean Thai - Mango Sticky Rice

Ruean Thai’s Mango Sticky Rice didn’t go down well with me, the Mango was a little too sour and the rice lacks that coconut fragrance.

Ruean Thai - Ham and Egg Fried Rice

The Ham and Egg Fried Rice seemed to be one of the better dishes around. We had seconds of it.

Ruean Thai - Sundae

The Sundae was enjoyable, the lime ice cream was particularly sour but it was compensated by the chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Ruean Thai - Green Curr3576y

They also offer Green Curry with these huge pea-like eggplants.

Ruean Thai - Decor

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Ruean Thai, the rooms were comfortable and it gives you a break from those sterile modern hotels. The service was decent and breakfast was good. However, I think I might skip having lunch at Ruean Thai and explore Sukhothai for other lunch and dinner options.

Ruean Thai - Rabbit

Oh, for rabbit lovers, the hotel rears some rabbits including this big one which freaked out my studio mate.

Ruean Thai - Key

Ruean Thai
Mailing Address:
181 / 20 Soi Pracharuammit Jarodwithithong Rd.
Thani, Muang, Sukhothai 64000 Thailand

TEL. ( 66 ) 5561-2444
FAX: ( 66 ) 5561-2444


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