No Longer Number 1?

Korean Air

22nd June 2011. Written by Xin Li.
The rankings by Skytrax are out on their facebook wall. Singapore is no longer the Number One for airport or airline this year.

Qatar Airways @ BKK

Final Top Ten Rankings for World Best Airlines 2011
1. Qatar Airways
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Asiana Airlines
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Thai Airways
6. Etihad Airways
7. Air New Zealand
8. Qantas Airways
9. Turkish Airlines
10. Emirates

SIN - Singapore Changi International Airport

Final Top Ten Rankings for World Best Airports 2011
1.Hong Kong International Airport
2.Singapore Changi Airport
3.Incheon International Airport
4.Munich Airport
5.Beijing Capital International Airport
6.Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
7.Zurich Airport
8.Auckland International Airport
9.Kuala Lumpur International Airport
10.Copenhagen Airport

Thai Airways

Ratings aside, each of us have our own favourite airline…a friend of mine is fervent supporter of Cathay Pacific because it serves cup noodles for night snack!

What is your favourite airline?

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  1. Cathay Pacific for the awesome beef brisket noodles! Or Korea Air for their tv haha.

    Frankly I'm not too surprised with Singapore's ranking for airport. What was surprising for me, was why HK is in front and Incheon behind. haha

  2. haha and thumbs up for lap top power supply on Cathay Pacific!

    Hong Kong airport is nice but expensive.

    Haven't been to Seoul yet, really hope to go there some day, seemed to be cheaper than Japan. (not for the airfare though)

  3. to be fair, I think changi really ought to be first. incheon, hk, KLIA and narita are all uninspiring airports. boring, airy and dead, if not expensive and utilitarian. changi is a tropical oasis in terms of that, and in accessibility of facilities as well.

    that being said, SQ could do some brushing up on its service/food in coach. their ice-cream that they serve on flights is hard as rock and could be used as murder weapons. food is generally good, although it has a few misses.

    I disagree with most of the rankings on skytrax this year but agree with the best inflight entertainment. it really ought to go to emirates. hands down, wide array, easy to use interface (unlike SQ) and greater variety even in coach. SQ's has had the potential to be first but because they put lots of additional features in their suites and first class products.

  4. I am not sure about Incheon, KLIA and Narita since I haven't been to all of them except for HKIA (I will post about HKIA really soon)

    Changi Airport is top notch with plenty of facilities and probably because the renovations are still going on thats why it is not that good yet. However, come to design, Terminal 3 shouldn't have adopted a flat roof (a cardinal sin in tropical architecture)

    I haven't flew SQ for a long long time, apparently the standards have dropped (at least for Economy Class), Business and better seemed to be very good.

    I will get to try Qatar Airways soon, will tell you whether its good then. However, having flew on both Cathay Pacific and Thai Airways, I felt that the two airlines are quite good. I like the food on Thai Airways.



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