Autumn Colours

A slice of UWA

With exams right around the corner,
anything and EVERYTHING serves as a distraction.

For those studying hard for exams, all the best.
For those who've finished their exams, wish me luck (please).


  1. I like the 2nd and 3rd shot. For that, good luck.

    Anyway, I thought exam in NUS should have been rounded up by 1st week of May? Or is it an exam of a different kind you are having here?

  2. Ah thanks mate.
    Sorry but this is Jy here. Not Xinli.
    I'm in Perth currently, so exams are a few weeks after that of NUS/NTU.

  3. HAHA! For a moment, I thought it was Michael who posted the photos!

    UWA - University of Western Australia <3



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