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Mushroom Café - Interior

19th April 2011. Written by Xin Li.
The Mushroom Café is an al fresco concept eatery located at the MacRitchie serving a local cuisine as well as fusion food. The café is only a short walk away from my house but I have yet to dine there until recently.

Mushroom Café - Mushroom Soup

The place would remind you of a simple canteen, nothing fanciful but I like it, it has a very relaxed atmosphere as you see joggers resting, families having their meals together and elderly sipping on tea or coffee.

Mushroom Café - Mushroom Soup

The Mushroom Soup (3.90 SGD) is a sizable bowl of cream soup with generous servings of mushrooms. It was also served with two slices of herbed bread. The herb used is probably thyme or rosemary which was a nice addition to both the soup and bread. I suggest sharing the soup as it can get a little heavy on the palate.

Mushroom Café - Beef Stew

For the main course, I had the Beef Stew with choice of Rice or Loaf (4.90 SGD). Nicely cooked rice with a hearty beef stew and once again portion seemed generous. The beef’s texture was inconsistent with some being very tender and some more chewy, but this was compensated by the sauce which goes very well with the rice.

Mushroom Café - Teriyaki Chicken

The Teriyaki Chicken was disappointing though, the portion was miserable compared to the Beef Stew.

Mushroom Café - Teriyaki Chicken

Nonetheless, if you fancy a simple, filling and decent meal after a walk around MacRitchie Reservoir or wishes to have lunch or breakfast in the park, Mushroom Café is an excellent place for it. It was even visited by monkeys when I was dining there (perhaps because they thought my niece was one of them).

Mushroom Café
MacRitchie Reservoir
106 Westlake Avenue

Near the Multistorey Carpark and Entrance.

Mon - Sun:
7:00 am - 9:00 pm



  1. It has been long since my last treetop walk there. This place also bore fond memories of my canoeing training during my JC and uni days. Finally there is this eatery that the canoeing guys no longer have to travel all the way to upper thomson for food.

  2. i remember there used to be a food stall at the park office over looking the MacRitchie Pavilion but that was quite some time ago already

  3. long waiting time. unresponsive staff. chaos the kitchen. customers walking off after failing to get their orders served. 30 mins waiting plus 2 reminders for chendol.

  4. 这次我第二次到这里用餐,就因为第一次来过后感觉超好才会来第二次。这次我要特地赞扬这里服务人员拾金不昧的态度让我的 iPad 失而复得。感谢你们!

  5. Dear Management Team - Mushroom Café,
    We enjoy a lot the environment of the park and food from this café.
    But I thought to share an incident where I was not at all comfortable and somehow restricting me to re-visit once again.
    It happened on Sunday the 25th May 2014 evening.
    My family was in the park to have dinner. Got a table. Table was full of plates and glasses from last visitor. They waited long but no one came to clean the table so that she can place her order. After waiting for some 10 minutes, she went to cash counter to request them to send someone to clean the table and she was about to place the order. Incident begins here,
    • The lady in the cash counter directly refuses to send anyone to clean the table and said because of shortage of staff and it’s not her job.
    • My spouse placed the order at 7.12 PM for her and for our 3 years old Kid.
    • Till 7.44 PM neither she didn’t receive food nor anyone came to clean the table.
    • When she once again approached the counter at 7.44 – staff were clueless
    • After more than 40 minutes food was served but till that time no one cleaned the table and as a result my family had to have their dinner keeping their food tray on chairs.
    • When I arrived after one hour, I checked with cash counter, they simply accepts and said we are sorry but not corrective action was taken.
    This is something not at all acceptable and restricting me to re-visit. I am not sure if I am writing this to right population but from the core of our heart we were shocked to get this kind of treatment.
    We don’t want to lose our attachment with the beautiful park and the superb food from the café but not sure whether will be able to make out once again….

    Thanks and Regards,

    If you want to contact me, you can reach out to below mentioned Email coordinate,



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