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3rd April 2011. Shared by Xin Li. I found these videos via Facebook and Youtube. I am normally no a fan of this kind of music, but these music videos by World Order is simply breath-taking (in my most humble opinion, the video beats that Rebecca Black’s piece of Friday kitsch hands down). I love how they managed to create an illusion of time being manipulated through the means of dancing without the aid of video technology to slow down or rewind stuff. Excellent and refreshing stuff. Here are 3 versions of their dance, two in Japan and one in New York.

It has been at least 2 weeks ever since the tsunami hit Japan and the country is still fighting the invisible radiation. My concern for the country’s plight is not only due to the fact that I have friends and relatives in Tokyo, but having visited the country thrice, I have developed a kind of relationship with this country with its wonderful architecture, colorful cuisine, scenic beauty, rich culture and most importantly great people.

Kyodo News/AP Images

Hence, for all those out there with some compassion and wants to help Japan, I have no special offers or souvenirs for you, but I can tell you where you find ways to donate:

Here it is: The Singapore Red Cross, it listed many ways you could chip in for donations. There are also organizations out there which are using part of their proceeds or organzing efforts to help Japan, do give them your support too.


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