Revisiting Candlenut Kitchen

Candlenut Kitchen - Work

It was by coincidence that our school project was at Bukit Pasoh again. Besides the “oh no that same place again….” response, I am also glad that it means having the opportunity to give one of the many makan spots a go.

Candlenut Kitchen - Yeye's Curry

This ended up with a revisit to Candlenut Kitchen, this time to try the Yeye’s Curry instead of their lunch menus. For dinner I ordered the Yeye’s Curry (12.80+ SGD), a 4th generation recipe of white coconut broth curry chicken (it looks somewhat similar to the Thai Green Curry). Fragrant and with great texture, and it pairs very well with rice.

Candlenut Kitchen - Beef Rendang

Then there is the Beef Rendang (18.00+ SGD) with its beautifully tender pieces of beef and savoury sauce.

Candlenut Kitchen - Chicken Chincalok

The Chicken Chincalok was the larger version of the one I had for lunch, love how the limey-citrus sourness makes the dish somewhat light and refreshing, quite unusual.

Candlenut Kitchen - Chap Chye

The Chap Chye , braise cabbage, tofu skin, black fungus, black mushrooms, pork belly, prawns, glass noodles in pork and prawn stock (10.00+ SGD) was ordinary to us.

Candlenut Kitchen - Rice

Then there are the desserts. D24 Durian Soup and Chendol Cream did not disappoint us.

The dinner at Candlenut Kitchen was better than the lunch I had the previous time, one should really go for their ala carte items if possible. The Yeye’s Curry should not be missed.
For all the meat dishes that we had, the meat was very tender (just short of the wagyu tenderness). Rice is free-flow at 2.00 SGD and they did not charge GST. We spent about 88 SGD with GST included, for 6 person.

Candlenut Kitchen

Monday to Saturday
1130 am – 230pm // 6pm – 1000 pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

25 Neil Road Singapore 088816

+65 6226 2506 (t)
+65 6226 0516 (f)


  1. My mum bans me from eating peranakan outside but all your posts on candlenut kitchen got me very interested. Hmm, mum always claims that white curry is our family special and I never expect to see it at candlenut! Shall secretly go try it myself without telling her ;)



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