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TG0673 - Boarding Annoucement at KIX
14-15th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Osaka (KIX) to Bangkok (BKK)It was midnight when we took our seats onboard Thai Airways flight TG0673 and bid farewell with Japan.

TG0673 - Boarding Pass
The cabin felt cozy with the orange and purple colour scheme. The attention to details adds a touch of luxury. Moreover, unlike the previous flights, Thai Airways have upgraded some of their planes with individual entertainment screens! Some movies available on that flight (for Economy Class) included mind-boggling Inception, the hilarious Despicable Me and the poorly done Guardians of Ga’Hoole.

TG0673 - Economy Class Cabin
While the ergonomics of the individual screens are in need of attention and the variety is somewhat limited, it was nonetheless a much welcomed improvement from their one-for-all entertainment system.

TG0673 - Night Snack
Hot towels, night snacks and complimentary drinks were being served after takeoff. It was the same as the last flight, sandwich, Japanese rice ball.

Sharing the seat with us was a middle-aged Australian lady named Jennie/Jenny from Sydney. She is an outgoing and sociable lady who runs a hostel/boarding house in Sydney for overseas students.
15th December 2010: Breakfast
TG0673 - French Toast Breakfast
Between the Western and Japanese option, I opted for the Western Breakfast for my flight from Osaka to Bangkok. It was a French Toast with Caramelized Apples served with maple syrup. I appreciate how the breakfast reflects the apple season in Japan as well, or is it just a coincidence?

TG0673 - Sausages, French Toast & Apples
Anyway, ambience was full marks again as I got to enjoy the purplish orange skies of dawn as munch on my breakfast. The French Toast is petite but nicely toasted with a hint of cinnamon, the caramelized apples are quite chunky (not caramelized enough but I am not complaining, it’s airplane food) and the maple syrup complements the toast and apples very nicely.

TG0673 - Croissant with Jam & Butter
TG0673 - Fruits & Yogurt
There was yogurt which I did not touch, a bowl of fruit salad and my favourite croissant paired with butter and jam. Breakfast never tasted so good.

Bangkok : Arrival


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