Lunch @ Dezato Desserts and Dining

Dezato Desserts and Dining - Grilled Salmon with Tempura and Sashimi Set

7th January 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Craving for some Japanese food, I went to Dezato Desserts and Dining today with BellaV who was tempted by my posts about Dezato. It was more crowded during lunch. This is not surprising as there were cheaper options for lunch that comes with a complimentary dessert. With nett prices as low as 13.90 SGD for a set lunch, it provides good value for money.

Dezato Desserts and Dining - Grilled Salmon

I had a Grilled Salmon with Sashimi and Tempura Set (15.90 SGD, no ++!). The sashimi was excellent as usual. I love how smooth and soft the salmon sashimi was, it goes very well with a bit of wasabi on top and a gentle dip of shoyu. The Maguro sashimi has a firmer and more sinewy texture that is nothing something I enjoyed. Both sashimi however, were very fresh.

Dezato Desserts and Dining - Two Kinds of Sashimi

The tempura of 2 prawns, 1 egg plant, 1 red pepper and 1 sweet potato were well executed as well. The egg plant tempura for example has a clean spotless outer layer with a moist juicy eggplant flesh within. While the batter for the ebi tempura is quite thick, I still enjoy it for its good texture. The tempura was not soggy but crispy and the interior was succulent. I reminded me of the ones I had at Ichisun.

Dezato Desserts and Dining - Assorted Tempura

BellaV had the Butter Yaki Salmon instead of the Grilled Teriyaki Salmon in the set. I prefer the butter version with its moist texture and sweet flavor compared to my grilled salmon which is drier.

Dezato Desserts and Dining - Grape Jelly

The meal ended with a dessert of the day which is Grape Jelly. It is a fragrant dessert, flowery tones. If you do not like bandung, you probably won’t enjoy this. Although I could taste the grape, it reminded me of bandung or rose water syrup and the most peculiar thing about it is that it has an aftertaste of bird nest. The part I enjoyed about the dessert is when the sourness of the juicy grapes intermingled with the jelly. Otherwise, this dessert is something that you would love it or hate it. BellaV did not like it.

Of course the dining experience at Dezato will not be complete without Chef Derrick coming out to check if the food was okay and share with us his knowledge about the Japanese cuisine. He even helped me to recognize some of the ingredients and better appreciate the meal I had at Sakurada. Another pleasant surprise today was that my dad’s friend was at Dezato as well, what a small world!

Dezato Dessert and Dining

20 Lorong Telok #01-01 Singapore

Tel: +65 6532 1284

Opening Hours
Mon–Sat: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6pm–10.30pm
(Closed on Sun & PH)


  1. I still find the false fire alarm pretty amusing. We snap, eat and will probably run later. haha. I'm glad you brought me there. I enjoyed the lunch very much. Good food & wallet friendly!! :DD

  2. Xinli/BellaV: Wow! The prices alone do indeed entice! Photos, as usual, are great!

  3. to BellaV: haha yea the fire alarm was indeed amusing.

    to Glenn: haha. For that price, the food was indeed good. If you are into cooking, I think Chef Derrick would be glad to share his knowledge on Japanese cuisine with you.


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