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NYDC - Interior

28th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
I shall start 2011 with a sweet post about NYDC. After our dinner at Shashlik, we decide to look for something to satisfy our cravings for desserts. Without going anywhere fanciful or “atas”, we headed to NYDC located at Wheelock Place.

NYDC - Interior

Bring forth the cakes!

NYDC - Cakes

I felt that the Goldmine Cheesecake (6.95++ SGD) and Big O Cheesecake (6.95++ SGD) lacked character, as both shared very similar texture and taste. The rich cream cheese dominated the whole palate for the two cakes. I felt it is redundant to order one of each.

NYDC - Big O Cheesecake

The Apple Crumble (5.95++ SGD) was too sweet for my liking and it lacked that fragrance of apples that I am looking for. I felt that is a little too much crumble for this item, I hope to see more apples in the crumble to apple ratio.

NYDC - Apple Pie

The Boo Boo (5.95++ SGD), a very rich and decadent Chocolate Cake consisted of chocolate mousse, moist chocolate sponge and a layer of chocolate coating was much better. It like the bittersweet flavor and the richness of this cake, I find the texture to be decently smooth as well. However, moderation is strongly advised, it could be a little heavy on the palate after 1 or 2 slices of it.

NYDC - Boo Boo

The star of the night goes to Grandma Goes Nuts, Seriously! (10.95++ SGD). While I find the dessert to be rather steeply priced I enjoyed how the sweet Nutty Nougat and Macadamia nut ice cream goes with the nutty flavor of peanuts, almonds, intermingled with a soft, chew marshmallows.

NYDC - Mudpies Menu

It wasn’t too sweet and the addition of nuts in this dessert adds crunch to the creamy texture of the mud pie, making it more interesting. It was quite addictive.

NYDC - Grandma Goes Nuts, Seriously!

The desserts were a sweet ending to a pleasant get together with fellow food bloggers.

28th Dec Gathering I

28th Dec Gathering II

28th Dec Gathering III

(The last 3 photos were from Indulgence after Workout)
They were a great company which made the dinner and desserts even more enjoyable. I look forward to more outings in 2011. =)

N.Y.D.C. Cafe & Restaurant (Wheelock)

501 Orchard Road #02-19
Wheelock Place

Tel: +65 6736 3253

Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Fri–Sat & PH Eve: 11.30am – 11pm


  1. It was good seeing you again, hope there's more outings - big and small - in 2011 :)

    Quite agree with you on the cakes, grandma goes nuts rocks heh. I would have preferred goldmine to have more of those chunky choc pieces, there were so little of them that yes it was so much like the big o!

    Happy New Year to all! :)



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