The Journey Home : Bangkok to Singapore

Onboard TG 0673

20th -21st July 2010. Written by Xin Li
Osaka KIX, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand to Singapore.

Onboard TG 0673

Onboard TG 0673
TG 0673, 0030 – 0420 Hours - Previous Post : Kyoto to KIX.

A Wasabi-Mayo and Chicken Sandwich and a Salmon Onigiri were served as night snacks on the plane. Nothing much to see outside the plane was it was totally dark except for the city lights of Osaka in the background as we took off.

The bad thing about Thai Airways is the lack of in-flight entertainment on most flights. It just means that I have one option left: sleep.

TG 0673 - Night Snack

TG 0673, 0300 Hours

The flight took only about 4.5 hours to reach Bangkok. Before touching down, there was breakfast! Since the flight originated from Japan, Japanese Breakfast was being served on-board. Grilled salmon, rice, egg omelette, vegetables and fish cake were part of the menu together with that fluffy, fragrant bread and a dish of fruits. Lovely breakfast.

TG 0673 - Japanese Breakfast

Looking at these photos I thought:

TG 0673 - Japanese Breakfast

If only every breakfast is something like this,

TG 0673 - Japanese Breakfast

With warm, fluffy bread, butter and jam,

TG 0673 - Bread, Butter and Jam

and fruits. Life in architecture will be so much better!

TG 0673 - Fruits

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, 0420 – 0800 Hours

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

The transit took quite a while, I used the time to study for my BTT and shop around at the Duty Free King Power shops for Skincare products that my sister had requested and some chocolates. The stuff here ain’t cheap.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

As mentioned before, the airport is rather new, it replaced Don Maung Airport as the city's main airport a few years ago.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

The new airport however is not all-in-one, you have to travel to your plane in order to board it.

Boarding TG 0403

The process felt like the Budget Terminal in Singapore, but I rather like it.

BKK - TG 0403

TG 0403, 0800 – 1115 Hours

Onboard TG 0403

On on planes, there is in-flight entertainment (individual) but the choices of movies etc on the Economy Class is very limited. I indulged myself with classica.

Facing Sisa Chorakhe Yai, Thailand

A contrast between traditional rice fields and technology?

TG 0403 - Departing from Bangkok

TG 0403 - Jet Steam

By 0800 Hours, the morning sun makes it a wonderful experience for aerial views around Bangkok. I could see the reflections of light on the water-filled rice fields at Bang Sao Thong and the geometrical forms of the apartments at Bang Phriang.

Bang Sao Thong and Srisa Chorakhe Yai

Bang Phriang, Thailand

From the plane, the terrain around Bangkok looked really flat, I read that it is one of the those cities that might sink in 20 years time, together with Venice and Shanghai. Hopefully this would not happen.

Skies Above Saen Suk, Thailand

Khlong Dan, Thailand

Khlong Dan, located along the Coast.

Skies above Bangkok

Looking back as the plane flies past Khlong Dan.

Coast of Chon Buri, Thailand

The Coast of Chon Buri as the plane flies across the Bight of Bangkok,

Ang Sila, Thailand

Here you see Ang Sila, (stone basin), a town in Chon Buri that got its name from a group of rocks stretching out into the sea.

Skies Above Saen Suk, Thailand

Bang Phra Reservoir, Thailand

Bang Phra Reservoir, still in Chon Buri, Thailand.

Skies above Chon Buri, Thailand

Skies above Pulaek Deang, Rayong, Thailand

Rayong, Thailand

Aerial views of Rayong ระยอง.

Ko Samet, Thailand

Ko Samet เกาะเสม็ด, got its name from the cajeput tree found on the island. A popular tourist destination.

TG 0403 - Lunch

TG 0403, 0900 - 1000 Hours

TG 0403 - Lunch

This is very early for a lunch, but its food! I had Chicken Noodles with Mushrooms. Underneath the parchment is actually siew mai. The meal hints at the Southeast Asian hawker fare. Once again, there is the faultless bread and fruits with a more tropical slant: papaya and dragon fruit.

TG 0673 - Breakfast

This is what I call sky dining.

TG 0403 - Lunch

TG 403, Sometime around 1030 Hours

Johor, Malaysia

I found myself above the skies of Johor, Malaysia. Home is near…

Johor, Malaysia

TG 0403, 1030 – 1115 Hours

Pulau Tekong, Singapore

First sight of Singapore, the Unum area of Pulau Tekong

Pulau Tekong, Singapore

Followed by Pulau Tekong Reservoir and BMTC.

Pulau Tekong, Singapore

Pulau Tekong, Singapore

Pulau Sejahat and Pulau Sejahat Kechil, Singapore

Then there is the outlines of Pulau Sejahat and Pulau Sejahat Kechil. Yes, the islands are no longer on the Nautical Charts of Singapore but you cannot deny the existence of this two islands. Assimilated but not erased (yet).

Pulau Tekong, Singapore

I get to see my beloved Pulau Tekong again. I wonder how it is like now. It has been about 9-10 months after I left that sunny island, and most fellow colleagues have got their pink IC by now.

Ferry Terminal

Compared to the current university life, NS was a journey of bests and worsts. However, it was a lot more laid back and relaxed. It is a world detached from the outside world because the army took care of almost everything, food, accommodation, allowance and decisions. But most importantly, I had fond memories there, I so miss the days I had with my buddies and recruits.

Changi International Airport, Singapore

The trip was awesome to immeasurable proportions:
To experience another kind of world.
To have a great meal with a group of strangers in Ichisun
To gaze upon stunning creations made by people in the past.
To be able to fly (literally on a plane and away from Singapore)

Kyoto 京都 - Ryoan-ji 龍安寺

The greatest pity is that there is no one to share it with me.

If there is one thing that the Japan trip did for me, as did my Hong Kong trip. It resurrected my interest in travelling. Come to think of it, I really regretted not joining my family for their overseas vacations. The world out there is simply so rich and exciting. Through food blogs (like Food Sirens, HungryTrotters, *SimplestAphrodisiac, Accidental and Hungry Epicureans and the list goes on), there is always something out there to taste, to see, to feel, to experience.

If only I have the time, money and company. A trip, like a meal, can feel very lonely and tasteless when there is no one to share the experience with.


  1. Wow your pictures are just amazing! The best I've seen on a food blog really.

    Did you travel alone, or parts of it? I was in Beijing alone as well but I thought the "me-time" was great. Some independent travelling can be very therapeutic, but not all the time la of course.

    Cheers dude, maybe next time, we can find time to travel together too~

  2. Why your cloud shots always turn out so good?! haha.

    I did enjoy the parts where i travelled alone in hk and shanghai. Very soothing to just people watch in a cafe and you dun even need to bother with the phone. (Which kinds of irks me when friends keep playing with their iphone at the tables, but thats besides the point. lolx)

    But I agree, we are social beings after all. If theres a chance, maybe I can bring you around hong kong =)

  3. to *Harris:
    thanks! =D
    the last Japan trip I travelled with my brother and sister in law but we have different focus and frequency. Awkward when they go lovey-dovey too =p

    There are times when I enjoy being alone too, its like I am finally in control of my own course.

    However when I found something interesting or delicious (in the case of food), its a kind of pity that there wasn't anyone around to share with =/

    to Daniel:
    haha I must thank the weather for that. I love morning flights when the sun is rising, the lighting always creates a kind of dramatic scenery heh.

    thats when I arm myself with a sketchbook, drawing and people watch at the same time.

    It irks me as well. And there is the PSP too. 3-year old niece plays the I-phone too =/

    Wow, that would be an honour! The last time I visited Hong Kong, I felt that I barely touched the surface of the city.



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