Hiroshima Honten ひろしま本店 - Okonomiyaki

Hiroshima Honten ひろしま本店

9th December 2010. Written by Xin Li
Kanayama, Nagoya – around 2000 hrs.
Back in Singapore, I never tried Okonomiyaki, I always thought of it as something similar to the carrot cake with mayonnaise and sweet BBQ sauce. Hence, it was my first time trying okonomiyaki when I had it at Hiroshima Honten located near the Chukyo University Center for Culture and Arts (Kanayama).

Hiroshima Honten ひろしま本店

It was an interesting experience as you get seated in front of a sizzling hot plate and the chef prepares your order like a circus performance. It was entertaining to watch and the aromas that built up as he cooks the okonomiyaki on the sizzling hot plate makes me drool.

Hiroshima Honten ひろしま本店

Hiroshima Honten ひろしま本店

Priced at 800 yen, the portion of my Pork and Beef Soba Okonomiyaki was quite big. I was amazed how the contents while slightly charred and crispy on the outside remained moist and juicy in the inside. The flavors were wonderfully balanced as well with a fair share of the sweet (from the BBQ sauce) and savory (from the soy sauce).

Hiroshima Honten ひろしま本店

There were egg, cabbage, beat sprouts, batter, lean slices of pork and beef, and a soba noodles in this Japanese style pancake. You could also opt for udon noodles. In short, the okonomiyaki at Hiroshima Honten was a delicious introduction to this dish for me.

Hiroshima Honten
イワセビル 1F


  1. waa. now you're making me crave for okonomiyaki. Any restaurant in Singapore with okonomiyaki that can match up to those you had? haha.

  2. to BellaV: haha I have no idea, I haven't tried okonomiyaki in Singapore before. =/


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