Mid-October Doodles


"Love Your Ride!"


"Help me Keep my Twisties!"




"Seconds Before POP!"


"Where is the COS?"


"You Call this a Standard Field Pack!?"

161010 Doodle

161010 Doodles
People who play Wii with rabbids will know the bottom image.

171010 Doodle

171010 Doodles
Hopefully it was just one "art specialist" who is shallow-minded.
The Aki Diet, also known as the Archi Diet is one filled with takeaways, environmental destruction, was a waste of money plus unhealthy and depressing food. Sad life.
If one is to take part in that 'diet', he will be wasting $1 per week due to 10 cents surcharge on takeaways and discard 20 boxes of plastic containers or paper boxes each week. So in 1 month's time, that is quite a lot of damage eh?
I guess I can't quit drawing army stuff, just love to inject some randomness, outrageous stuff into a seemingly disciplined image, or maybe its just nostalgia.


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