Kyoto, Japan : Second House

Second House - Exterior

18th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Mentioned briefly in the Lonely Planet’s Guide for Kyoto, I was tempted to give Second House a try ever since the first day I walked passed it. It was housed in a structure by itself and the interior looked awesome.

Second House - Interior

After my meal at Manshige, I decided to drop by for a cake and a cup of tea. The service and ambience was decent but I felt underwhelmed after having a meal here, my milk tea was served with separately with liquid sugar and milk so you decide how sweet your milk tea would be, the tea base itself doesn’t seemed fragrant enough.

Second House - Mango Dessert

My Mango Dessert which I forgot the name was rather ordinary, I felt that there was simply too much cream. The overall bill was less than 700 yen if I remember correctly.

Second House - Mango Dessert

Second House
七条通西洞院西入ル 北側

Open / 10:00~23:00
tel / 075-342-2555


  1. The interior looks really cool! Don't think I'll ever see this in Singapore. lol

  2. makes me want to take another look at kyoto. missed much during my stint there.

  3. to BellaV: yeap it looks nice indeed =)

    to Jy: haha join me in Dec? =p

  4. stupid boy, i touch down in dec. no way my laobu will let me head off again



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