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Soup Spoon - Bugis Junction

8th August 2010. Written by Xin Li.
I have a craving for Pumpkin Soup last Sunday after getting some materials at Bras Basah. Art materials are really not cheap!

Therefore we decided to have a light meal at the Soup Spoon located at Bugis Junction. The prices are reasonable around 8-15 SGD. Since I was hungry for some warm, hearty pumpkin soup, I ordered a Pumpkin Soup and top up a bit to a set. The total cost was 10.00 SGD.

Soup Spoon - Pumpkin Soup

The Pumpkin Soup came with a warm piece of bread which you could dip into the soup and the pumpkin soup came with a few pieces of shaved walnuts on top of it.

In my humble opinion, I found the soup to be very disappointing, the colour was dull orange and it was quite thick, lumpy and gelatinous almost like a puree. It was heavy on the palate and each spoonful left an unpleasant, artificial aftertaste (that reminded me of microwave food products). The almonds went well with the soup and added some crunch to it.

Soup Spoon - Pumpkin Soup

The side that came with it was much better. I quite enjoy the Chicken Tikka Wrap with its sassy, spicy South Asian style salad. The Chicken Tikka was quite tender, warm and has enough of the smoky fragrance. For 10 bucks, it was quite decent.

Soup Spoon - Chicken Tikka Wrap

The set also offers a drink or muffin along with the side and soup, but I offered my blueberry muffin to my friend instead.

The service was okay, more emphasis was on efficiency.

Soup Spoon - Minestrone Soup

At the end of the meal, my craving for pumpkin soup was left unsatisfied and I wasn’t able to finish the pumpkin soup. Although the price was reasonable and the portion of the soup is considerably big even at regular size, I still find the pumpkin soup was very disappointing. I think it is actually the same thing they are selling for takeaways.

It might be a long time before I return to Soup Spoon at Bugis Junction again at least for its Pumpkin Soup. I heard the Mushroom Soup is not bad, the Minestrone Soup was much better than the Pumpkin Soup.

Soup Spoon
Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street #B1-04/26 Bugis Junction Singapore

Tel: +65 6238 8601

Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 10.30am – 10.00pm
Fri–Sat: 10.30am – 10.30pm


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