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Okazaki Rabbit

15th July - 21st July 2010. Written by Xin Li.
I am back from Japan!
Top: A rabbit souvenir I got from Kyoto's Okazaki Shrine.

As with my previous trip to Japan, this one didn’t disappoint me. This trip is too short to see and experience what Kyoto has to offer.

Throughout this journey, my greatest regret is my inability to communicate with the people in their language, because one really miss out a lot due to this language barrier.

Kyoto, Japan

Nonetheless, this journey was a fruitful one, the food, the culture, the colours, the scenery, the architecture, the people…how I wish I could stay there for a few more days. As much as I am missing the food in Singapore, my friends and family, I also miss that Matcha ice cream, Matcha and Sweet at Kinkaku-ji and the great scenery in Kyoto.

TG 0414 - Singapore Airport

I set off on the 15th of July on 2010 via Thai Airways, because besides Malaysian Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, Thai Airways seemed to provide cheaper air tickets and it is also one of the top ten carriers in the world.

TG 0414 - Boarding Pass

The service of Thai Airways is very friendly and polite pre-flight and on flight, save for a minor misunderstanding with a male flight attendent on my flight home regarding a bread (to be served or to be taken and language problem).

TG 0414 - Thai Airways Flight Attendent

The flight was wasn't as smooth as silk (quite bumpy) on the way to Bangkok from Singapore, the other 3 flights were better. There would not be an individual entertainment screen, as they use a broadcast system unless you are on Business Class or First Class or on one of their better planes, my flight from Bangkok to Singapore has individual on-flight entertainment tvs with a relatively limited selection of programmes. I wasn’t expecting much since the airfares were much cheaper than other airlines like SIA, Cathay Pacific and JAL.

TG 0414 - Bangkok, Thailand

I must give my thumbs up for the food though. They were quite decent considering it is airplane food. For a start, here is dinner for Singapore to Bangkok (TG 0414). Served around 4-5 pm.

TG 0414 - Chicken with Fried Rice

I had the Chicken with Fried Rice Set. The chicken was quite spicy and the meat was tender. It is executed in Asian style with spices, chilli and soy sauce. The fried rice was a little too dry and hard but the accompanying vegetables were nicely cooked.

TG 0414 - Chicken Salad

Appetizer was a Chicken and Potato Salad, the meat was tasteless and tough to chew but the vegetables were crunchy and the potato was just right.

TG 0414 - Longan Jelly and Sea Coconut

Dessert was a Longan Jelly with Sea Coconut, just another variation of the common Longan with Sea Coconut Cocktail.

TG 0414 - Chicken with Fried Rice Set

If there is one thing I really like about Thai Airways food, it will be their bread, they were being served warm and they have a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior which is consistent throughout the four flights.

I didn’t get a nice window seat this time round so isn't many aerial photos to show. All in all, I will still consider taking Thai Airways for its competitive airfares as a non-budget airline. Those extra leg space and food really make a difference especially if the flight is a long one.

TG 0414 - Ko Sichang, Chon Buri, Thailand

More posts about the food and Kyoto will come in the future. Right now, I am getting busier as university is going to start really soon.

TG 0414 - Chao Phraya River Mouth, Bangkok


  1. you must have had a wonderful time gorging yourself!

  2. to Stargirl: haha quite true! the bento sets were very filling!



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