Eating at China Hong Kong City (中港城商場高層)

Tropical Village Restaurant 海南村餐廳

27-30th June. Written by Xin Li.

China Hong Kong City is a shopping mall, not a location like China, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong. It would make more sense in its Chinese form: 中港城商場高層.

The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers is part of the China Hong Kong City Complex. Unsurprisingly, the shopping mall is under the management of the Sino Group.

This was where I had my first meal upon arrival in Hong Kong (after travelling to the hotel via Airport Express and its complimentary shuttle bus). The first stop was Mak’s Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家). This noodle stall, located at the food court of the shopping complex had a score of about 3.4/5 on Open Rice Hong Kong (Open Rice are more for the locals and taste is something subjective).

Mak's Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家 - Soup and Soup with Wanton

I had the Noodles with Oyster Sauce, it was literally what it meant, just noodles with oyster sauce which my mum found it ridiculous while I wasn’t, as this is not Singapore in the first place. It came with plain noodles, a generous serving of oyster sauce and a bowl of soup. The whole thing cost 26 HKD.

Mak's Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家 - Soup and Soup with Wanton

The noodles were rather dry but very springy. It was a simple and satisfying dish for me. I didn’t enjoy the accompanying soup though as the cuttlefish taste was quite apparent. Taste wise, both dishes especially the soup were on the salty side.

Mak's Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家 - Soup and Soup with Wanton

The wanton soup was an extra order, it cost us 23 HKD. The soup was the same as the accompanying soup for the Oyster Sauce Noodles except that shrimp wanton was added. I must mention that the shrimps in the wanton were really crunchy. Otherwise, it was quite ordinary.

Arome Bakery - Mango Puff Pastry

While we waited to check in, we popped by this bakery called Arome Bakery which also has a branch in Mong Kok. There were at least 4 kinds of mango pastries, from mousse cakes to mango fruit cakes. I had the Mango Puff Pastry for 16 HKD. It has a layer of mango flavoured sponge cake in sandwiched between two crispy layers of puff pastry between topped with semi sweet mango slices. It was rather light and there was a delicate balance of sweet and sour. Too bad the puff pastry was quite moist, if not it would have been even nicer.

Park Deli - Beef and Mushroom Pie

I had a Beef and Mushroom Pie at the Park Deli for about 28 HKD, nothing special. They offer set lunches and breakfast sets within 100 HKD.

Park Deli - Beef and Mushroom Pie

Tropical Village Restaurant 海南村餐廳 - Century Egg Congee

On our last day, we had breakfast at Tropical Village Restaurant (海南村餐廳). We went for the breakfast sets priced around 20+ HKD instead of their Hainanese Chicken. My mum had the Century Egg Congee Set priced at 22 HKD which came with two side dishes. I didn’t get to try the Carrot Cake and the Congee which my mum said was rather good.

Tropical Village Restaurant 海南村餐廳 - Side Dish

I did get to try their siew mai, it was just the siew mai skin wrapped around a fish-cake like texture filling. It was a nice snack.
Tropical Village Restaurant 海南村餐廳 - Carrot Cake
Tropical Village Restaurant 海南村餐廳 - Ham and Egg Sandwich
I had the Ham and Egg Sandwich for 20 HKD, you can opt for other fillings like bacon etc as well. The egg was quite oily but the overall combination was so simple yet delicious. It made me think of my childhood days.

Tea was served the moment you got seated down.

If you are interested in what stores you can find in the shopping mall, you can refer to their website here. Besides food, you can get their ferry tickets from First Ferry, Turbojet here, the Espirit store here has two storeys, the stuff were priced around 110 HKD and above and the designs looked much better than the ones in Singapore. For people who love backpacking, they have a store dedicated to Cotima Backpacks (around 350 HKD) and gear.


  1. OpenRice is in Singapore now!

  2. yeap just received their email!
    HGW versus OpenRice?

  3. The mango puff pastry looks so good... hehe I've been having mango mousse cakes cravings. (:

  4. Xinli: Though I'm abit confused with their first sentence in the mail, if you get what I mean. lolx

    ice: Haha, after all that chocolate attacks, its mango mousse now?

    Arome bakery is almost everywhere in HK, though i preferred Saint Honore for their Walnut Napoleon and Maxim for their Mont Blanc!

  5. to ice: haha. i wonder if Kki has a mango mousse cake?

    to Daniel: haha the 2nd email was even more weird with its opening ;).

    ah so many more places haven't visit in HK. =/



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