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26th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Hachi Tei is a homey, cosy Japanese restaurant that modelled to the likes of a Japanese family restaurant (more of a sushi-ya). Photographs of Japan were hung on the walls and Japanese traditional crafts and ornaments were used to decorate the sushi bar and the cashier counter.

Hachi Tei

Hachi Tei - Sets

The menu features the classic Japanese dishes, sushi, tempura, grilled items, sobas and affordable sets priced at 9-18+ dollars. If you go ala carte you will find most items fall within the five dollar range while items like Fish Head Teriyaki and Gindara Teriyaki will be around 10-15+ dollars.

Hachi Tei

Michael still craves for Sashimi and Yew Ann is craving for some yellowtail and we decided to order the Moriawase Sashimi for 20.00+ SGD.

Hachi Tei - Moriawase Sashimi

The Moriawase Sashimi comes with Ika, Tako, Sake, Maguro and Hamachi (you can opt for either Hamachi or Kajiki to be in your sashimi platter) beautifully presented on a wooden board. According to Hachi Tei, the chef reserves the best and freshest cuts for the patrons who ordered the Moriawase Sashimi.

The Ika, (Cuttlefish) is not to my liking with its silmy, oily texture with a strange aftertaste.

The Tako (Octopus) was chewy and slightly springy.

The Sake (Salmon) was smooth bit slightly chewy and fatty. Liang Wei commented that it was very nicely cut.

The Maguro (Tuna) was smooth and no hint of fish taste.

The Hamachi (Yellowtail), the star of the day was quite nice, smooth with a slight buttery texture but Yew Ann and Liang Wei said it wasn’t the best, good but not superb.

Hachi Tei - Moriawase Sashimi

We enjoyed our meal at Hachi Tei, the place was ran by a couple, the wife was very friendly and meticulous. She would share her knowledge on the sushi and try to accommodate to our requests. I enjoyed the atmosphere at Hachi Tei a lot, it feels like eating in the a happy family. Great service!

Another good news is that their prices has one + less!

Hachi Tei

Hachi Tei

147 Telok Ayer Street

Tel: +65 6535 2988

Opening Hours
11am – 3pm
6pm – 10pm
(Closed on Sun & PH)


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