Breakfast in the Skies

TG 0622 - Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport

16th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Took off from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport around 11 pm on the 15th July 2010 night for Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan.

TG 0622

I woke up to a morning with splendid scenery and a nice warm breakfast, too bad I don’t get this on the ground in Singapore. If the scenery’s great, the crowd’s just as big, if the food’s great, the scenery is lacking and so on and so forth.

TG 0622

TG 0622

TG 0622 - Croissant

I shall not sing any more praises for the bread, so let’s move on to the breakfast proper.

TG 0622 - Porridge with Prawns and Mixed Vegetables

It was porridge with peeled prawns, fishcake, gingko nuts, sautéed mushrooms and some veggies. It was a clean-tasting breakfast to start my Japan trip in the morning. The prawns were slightly tough but I am alright with it.

TG 0622 - Mixed Fruits

I like the serving of refreshing and sweet assortment of fruits comprising of pineapples, papaya and honey dew to finish off the breakfast, served with a cup of green tea.

TG 0622 - Porridge Breakfast Set

If only I can have this kind of breakfast more often then the usual slices of bread or yesterday night’s leftovers, it would be great. (But I would leave out the yogurt, something I am not a fan of. I always get a tummy upset after having yogurt)

TG 0622 - Shikoku, Japan

TG 0622 - Shikoku, Japan

All this while, there were stunning cloud formations and sky views to savour together with the breakfast.

TG 0622 - Seto Inland Sea, Japan


  1. I always feel very fortunate whenever I get to eat on the plane and look out of the window while enjoying my meal. The only downside is that it's not very possible to walk about after that! Haha :P

  2. to foodoshoot: yep true, unless the two seats next to you are unoccupied ;)



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