Aston Specialties' BBQ Hickory Chicken

Astons Specialties - BBQ Hickory Chicken

10th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.

It was my first time dining at Astons Specialties. However, I didn’t eat beef here as I was interested in the BBQ Hickory Chicken (6.90 SGD, GST inclusive) since I kind of miss the Hickory Chicken Chop at Bistro@Changi.

I chose Baked Potato and Potato Salad as my sides, both of which are quite decent except that the Potato Salad is a little too creamy and the nicely baked potato is a buttery and sinful treat. The Chicken Chop is decent, not as tender as Bistro@Changi’s but rather flavourful and the sauce was alright too.

For 6.90 SGD, this is actually quite cheap with the two sides and the food was quite nice too. Orders were made before you get seated down. There wasn’t much service (no service charge), just get served (efficiently) and start eating.

Astons Specialties

3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-043/044 Suntec City Mall

Tel: +65 6884 8816


  1. I miss Aston's. I like all their chicken chop variation. But usually i get the chicken with smoked sausages (yummy)

  2. yummy! While I still like Bistro@Changi's Chicken Chops it is located far away in Changi =/

    Astons means cheap and accessible chicken chops! I want to try their beef one day =D

  3. the aston's at 6th ave doesn't have the smoked sausages anymore. damn sian.

    @xinli: for sides should def get the pasta salad. its the best side there ever haha. at least for me it is XD also, u should try the atas aston's at centrepoint, if you haven't already done so. the pork chop there is super special. kurobuta i think.



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