Mee Sua @ 小霸王

Xiao Ba Wang - Mee Sua

21st May 2010. Written by Xin Li with Vinleon.

Hungering for more after dinner at Tsujiki Gindaco, we scout around the Food Basement for affordable food. Missing the Taiwanese delights we had in Taiwan, we decided to give Xiao Ba Wang a go (later I found out it was actually a chain of Taiwanese street snack stall ran by Taiwan-born actor Jeff Wang)

We had the Mee Sua Set which comes with a generous portion of Mee Sua and a drink of your choice and we had the Luo Shen drink which tasted like a sour plum drink with a tinge of sweetness.

The Mee Sua was decent, but it wasn’t the Taiwanese flavour we were looking for, our guess was that the chilli used was a local kind of chilli sauce. Other than that, the dish was quite okay, the aunties at the service counter were rather friendly too. Think of it $3.50 with a drink was quite reasonable. The most expensive item can go up to $5-8.

Orchard ION Food Basement


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