Ham and Potato Salad @ Creamy Duck

Creamy Duck - Ham and Potato Salad

Due to work, I happened to drop by this bistro named Creamy Duck. However, this bistro actually does not serve duck (the staff seemed to have that name because they like the sound of it heh). That said, the service attitude was pretty good, they were a friendly group of people.

They offer lunch sets below $10 which includes pastas and drinks as well as other combos for all-day meals and breakfasts including the coffee+soft boil egg brekkie.

I am here for a light bite only, so I decided to the Ham and Potato Salad ($2.00), they were made beforehand and chilled in a fridge. Nothing great about it, I pretty a heartier potato salad with large and soft potato chunks. The salad is only $2 though, normally you find these priced at $4-$6 minimum.

I don’t know about the other food items being served but the meal was nice because of the friendly attitude of the staff there.

69 Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139961
1st Floor


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