Aglio Olio @ Basil Alcove

Basil Alcove

Basil Alcove is located at Fortune Centre. This place was of particular importance to me because it was the place where I was introduced to the Aglio Olio, my favourite pasta. It is also where I celebrated one my five half-birthdays together with my JC clique. Although the clique has separated the memories remained.

Basil Alcove - Chicken & Pesto Pasta

The Aglio Olio here wasn’t too spicy like the one I had at Relax Bistro, it was quite fragrant, portions are alright and it is very affordable. While the menu has changed a lot and the place has shifted since my last visit, the absence of GST and Service Charge still remains, making this place one of the more affordable places to have pasta, lamb rack etc.

Food may take a little long to arrive but the service was alright. The restaurant is a largely alfresco dining area where you can observe the traffic flow as you dine. It keeps the cost down too. They do have a few seats inside but it is quite small.

Basil Alcove - Chicken & Pesto Pasta

I had the Chicken and Pesto Aglio Olio for $10nett. It was decent, fragrant as I like it, not too spicy as I like it and it has quite a few pieces of chicken, chopped peppers inside. Yummy.

However, I find the pasta a little on the dry side, bordering on the edge of being overcooked and there was a small pool of olive oil underneath, I wonder aglio olio are supposed to be like that, it seemed to differ from place to place. The first time I had my aglio olio, I didn’t remember seeing a pool of olive oil underneath. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed my dinner.

190 Middle Road
#01-12 Fortune Centre
Tel: +65 6333 1461

Opening hours
12pm – 3pm
6.30pm – 10pm
(Closed for lunch on Sun)


  1. I was planning to visit this place :) The word "Basil" is really eye catching. Thanks for the review!

  2. haha you can give it try, no GST and service charge! I find the aglio olio rather nice though the old was alittle too generous this time round.



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