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Chicken Miso Butter Yaki
140410 - Written by Xin Li
This meal was an impromptu thing.

I was at my desk drawing then my boss asked me to join him down at the Civic District to observe a Learning Trail. Whoosh! Off we go!

Next thing I knew, we were at Esplanade Theatres by the Bay, and we need lunch asap so as not to be late for the start of the learning trail. Looking around, most shops were not opened around noon time. So we decided to have a quick fix at Ichiban Boshi since a lunch promotion was going on.

My boss had the Beef and Mixed Fry Set for $15.90++.

And I had the Chicken Miso Butter Yaki Set for $15.90++ as well.

Each set came with 4 pieces of salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, a bowl of rice, a bowl of miso soup and 2 slices of orange (finally a break from the watermelon regime)

Beef and Mixed Fry Set
The Beef and Mixed Fry Set was described as Pan-fried Beef and Assorted Vegetables with Teriyaki Sauce, Potato Croquette and Fried Prawn. Nothing to wow about, my boss felt that the beef was quite flavourful and he was happy with the set. Having tried a slice of the beef, I would agree it is flavourful though not tender enough, quite tough to chew.
Chicken Miso Butter Yaki Set
The Chicken Miso Butter Yaki was described as Pan-fried Chicken, assorted vegetables and oyster mushroom with miso sauce. This dish seemed to be a Ichiban Boshi version of the Korean BBQ Chicken. The miso flavour wasn’t obvious and it came across as the familiar as the sweet teriyaki sauce that most of us know. I like that there are vegetables to add a touch of freshness and crunchiness to the dish. The chicken is a little tough, nothing out of the ordinary. It tasted like teriyaki chicken, with a hint of miso (very very subtle)

The Chawanmushi is okay and I like that there are quite a few stuff inside, mushroom, a piece of crab meat stick, meat and gingko nut.

The sashimi was alright for me.

Overall, the set was quite filling, nothing much to complain, it was alike what Thomas had said about Ichiban Boshi earlier on, decent value for money.

About the same price as a Botan Bento, it doesn’t have as many dishes as Botan, but it is good enough.

The service is okay, they could help to smile more often.

After lunch, we headed to Esplanade Park. While my Boss and the rest were busy with their own chit chat and administration as they waited for the participants. I found a nice spot about three benches away from the Cenotaph and started drawing.

My art teachers probably make fun of me for drawing this. I drew the Former Supreme Court again, I started drawing the outline instead of starting out immediately this time round, I like this result better. Stan Smith is right about knowing the shape first. It was a quick sketch, occasionally I was obstructed by a parking bus (this one was called Bus Royal).

The Former Supreme Court
From National Heritage Board:
"This imposing building was constructed from 1937 to 1939. The Old Supreme Court has the single honour of being built on the site of the London Hotel, Hotel de L'Esperance, Hotel de L'Europe and Grand de L'Europe. The columns and pediment were the creations of C.R Nolli, an Italian master.

Built in 1939, the Old Supreme Court was the last colonial classical building to be built in Singapore."

To think of it...last colonial classical building to be built in Singapore, as if it was a sign of the ending of times as it neared 1942.

About the learning trail, I will just have to say, it is good much it was much better than my NE excursions in Secondary School days.

Last but not least. Thank you Boss for the treat once again! (:

8 Raffles Avenue
#02-14 Esplanade Mall

Tel: +65 6423 1151

Opening hours
Sun – Thur
12.00 pm – 10.30 pm,
Fri & Sat
12.00 pm – 11.00 pm


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