Tea Time

Recently, I have started to drink tea instead of coffee. Coffee always left me feeling alittle dehydrated and gives me occassional headaches. The taste is too strong for me too.

Drinking tea reminds me of my NSF days that was over just about a few weeks ago when I would make tea when I was doing my Company Orderly Sergeant duty as I do my administrative work on the OA Terminal. Those monotonous days of regimentation and duties. As much as I dread it I miss it abit too, maybe because I am not used to the civilian lifestyle yet.

The most trendy form of tea among my peers are usually Iced Lemon Tea and Milk Tea. The first one being a staple in army camps and parties and the 2nd one brings back fond memories in Taiwan when we would purchase Milk Tea with Pearls from the well-known Ninja Auntie or Uncle during our navigation exercise. Their milk tea comes with fanciful stuff like coffee jelly and even a caramel pudding inside.

The closest thing I had to that Taiwanese beverage is at KOI Cafe but it is too pricey. Okay that's it for now, more milk tea in the future.

P.S Royal Milk Tea from NTUC Fairprice (Extras or Finals or Cold Storage) is nice, light and not too sweet. $8 for 10 sachets.


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