Taiwan Taiwan : Part 1

Some recollections of our overseas training in Taiwan. Can't post any camp related stuff.

The Golden Buddha would be a memorable landmark for any soldier who went to train at Meilin. When we see the golden buddha it normally means we are near camp or going back to camp after the training outside.
It is also a helpful guide in our navigation exercises.

Before I left for Taiwan. My friend said I will definitely remember Si Ling Si, which sounds like a temple but it actually means 404. It is a hill with steep slopes where we have to climb in order to reach the checkpoint at the top. That is one tough hill to climb. But the view on the other side is breathe-taking. What caught my attention is this steep cliff with its gradient of greys, purple, orange, brown etc that formed the face of the cliff.

The area have alot of orange plantations. Some of them covered with "snow" (which is pesticide). The mischevious soldiers would pluck them and wash them with water before consuming them.

For some of them, it is the staple food when you don't want any of that combat rations. Spending 10 plus days on combat rations is a torture on your stomach, tastebuds and sometimes sight too. The worst combat ration should be the Pulut Kuni or something, some yellow, oily rice.


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