Yong He Eating House

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517 Geylang Road (Near Lorong 27A)

Went to this place after playing mahjong with jiayao, kokhui and sean. According to my brother, they're super famous for the tao huay and you tiaos they serve. It opens 24/7.

AMBIENCE : 6.0/10

Yong He Eating house feels like some kind of lup-sup hong kong cafe with no air-con and comfortable cushioned chairs. The place is however rather clean and spacious. Hmmm. I mean what ambience can you expect from an eating house in Geylang? Anyway the place was quiet when we ate there at around 8, but it usually gets very crowded/packed/lively/busy fom midnight onwards, so its definitely a great place for late suppers at night. And also for prudes and cynical bitches who think Geylang is flooded with social escorts everywhere, Yong He's only a 5-10 mins walk from the housing estate and is almost entirely free from hookers.

FOOD: 7.5/10


The menu comprises of mainly small dishes like onion fried pancakes, mee sua, tau huay, soy bean drink, you tiao, xiao long baos, dumplings, beef noodles and etc. Great place for supper but might not be suitable for people looking for a complete meal as the place offers little variety for main courses. Its a no go for our muslim friends tho, because it serves pork.

I did not manage to try the you tiaos because I ordered tau huay instead of tau nee. But if you ever visit the place, please try the you tiaos because they are apparently DAMN good.

1. Beef Noodles - $4.00: 5/5

Probably one of the best beef noodles I have tasted. The soup base is great, with some resemblance to those uber yummy beef-cup noodles we had in Taiwan. The soup tastes authentic (definitely way less msg than cup noodles) and slightly spicy. The noodles served are handmade, slightly chewy with just the right texture. Best part of the dish is definitely the beef. Not only is the serving generous, but the meat is also ridiculously tender with the perfect distribution of fats and lean meat. Just thinking of the meat now makes me drools.

2. Onion Fried Pancake - $2.50: 2.5/5
According to Kok hui, this tastes slightly like roti prata. The pancake tastes slight salty with fragrance of onion (like duh). Tastes good on its own, even without any chilli sauce. Maybe its because I ain't exactly a big fan of pancakes, but it did not impress me as much as the beef noodles.

3.Xiao Long Ba0- $5.00: 3/5
This is really not so bad a deal as you get 8 xiao long baos for only 5 bucks. The standard of the dish, however, cannot be compared to those from ding tai feng and crystal jade. The xiao long baos lack soup inside and the texture of the skin is slightly rough. But the amount of pork stuffed inside is generous and the price is definitely economical, and hence the decent rating given by me.

4. Tau Huay (with/wo peanuts) - $1.20: 4.5/5
Adequate serving, silky smooth tau huay with just the sweetness. Suitable for those who love traditional tau huay. Apparently its what the place is famous for so do try it if you ever dine here.

SERVICE : 5.0/10
Their service is typical of those road side restaurants in geylang. Nothing much to comment but one shouldn't expect any sevice that makes one feel like a VIP when dining at such a place.

VALUE: 8.0/10
Adequate servings with relatively low prices.

OVERALL : 7/10
Overall, the food here is great when you take into consideration of the price. A great place for friends to chit chat over late night suppers.

This place is suitable for :
- Chilling Out
- Supper
- Breakfast
- Tea
- Light meals

YewAnn Felt Happy at the end of his meal
and will visit the place again.


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