ORD Dinner at Bistro@Changi


I went down to the Bistro again to celebrate our ORD with a group of friends. Total 9 pax.

FOOD: 8/10

HALAL : NO (No pork no lard)
Uses alcohol in cooking and serves alcohol.
As part of the celebration the bistro has given us a special meat platter dish as an alternative to the ala carte menu based on our budget of $20-$25 per pax.
It came with two bowls of fresh salad and a bowl of mushroom soup per person. The salad as usual was fresh and the dressing was alright.
MEAT PLATTER A (for 5 pax) : $120
1. Chicken Chop
: 4/5
The chicken was well marinated and tasty.

2. Veal Sausage : 4/5
The sausage is quite good too.

3. Sirloin Steak : 4/5
I was expecting the steak to be of sub-standard. Normally mix grills don't do well in terms of quality. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how fragrant the sirloin steak was. It wasn't too tough and the meat was quite tender.

4. Leg of Lamb : 3/5
I didn't enjoy the lamb, the meat is abit fatty and hard to chew. The marinade is alright though.

5. Mutton & Chicken Satays : 4/5
These are some of the best satays I had so far. The accompanying sauce was extremely delicious. The meat was well cooked with a bit of charredness that makes it even more delicious.

6. Caramel Pudding - on-the-house: 4/5
The caramel pudding was complimentary because 4 of us shared a birthday in February. So the bistro was kind and generous to make this specially for us. It was much bigger than the usual portion. All of us enjoyed the pudding very much. The smooth texture and the pleasant sauce made finished off the meal nicely.

SERVICE : 10/10
One thing that keeps motivating me to come back to this Bistro again and again is its service. The commitment to make the meal a memorable and pleasant one by the Bistro is commendable. They are very attentive and observant. Never fails to ask for any special requests etc.
They would ask us whether to serve meat platter later and serve us our soups and recommend appetizers when we told them that one of our member would be late and they even take note of the approx. time he would arrive and prepare the food so that there would not be a period of waiting time when he arrives.
The complimentary caramel pudding for the birthday boys and not to mention extra satays and salads by the chef because it is our ORD celebration also comes in as a plus point. They want us to enjoy ourselves above anything else.

VALUE: 8/10
GST: 7%
TOTAL BILL : $271.80
The food portion is just nice. With $120 for the meat platter, we got a mushroom soup per person, Coffee,tea, Coke or Sprite, Salads and 6 kinds of meat.
We also ordered 2 cans of KilKenny for $12 each. We got a third one for free because there is a beer promotion going on 2+1 for a selection of beers.
Their menu price range is about the same or slightly higher than Swensens. However, it is all worth it for the good quality of the food.

OVERALL : 8.5/10
I am glad that the bistro didn't disappoint me again with good food and great service. This place is definitely a nice place to chill out. Now that we have ORDed, I don't know when we would be able to come back and dine at this place again.

The place is suitable for :
- Large Gatherings
- Romantic Dinners
- Dinner
- Lunch
- Family Meals
- Chill Out

Xin Li Felt Great at the end of his meal
and will definitely visit the place again.


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