ORD, its a term that every man dreams of.
yet, seeing it this close, brings about....

okay okay, just wait a minute before I continue.
Ive decided to embrace my...erm, sentimental side a bit here, hence this post.
IF for any reason you feel nausea, unwell, or have any other side effects other than that of hysterical laughter, please do NOT hesitate to close this window.


right, where was I?
ah yes, ORD, so along with those lines, seeing it looming closer just kinda makes one think back a little on the days where one first stepped onto that cursed island.
And now, close to 2years later, im going to leave that island never to come back. (except maybe when my son enlists, IF the world hasnt ended by then, i mean, its going to end by 2012 right?)

Ask anyone about the organization and they'll throw lots of stupid stories bout how they've suffered and all that kind of bullshit, basically everything negative will emerge. So ill refrain from that this time, since one story cant be THAT different from the next right?
its just different degrees of suffering.

Instead, Ill show some of the GOOD stuff i've learnt through my time.
say for instance, Patience, where else can one learn the virtue of patience, when superiors breathe down your neck.
Very much like loansharks hounding after a poor old lady who borrowed $2 for her son, being now forced to return the wonderful amount of $2milion dollars.
But WE, as specs, do we huddle in a corner and cry? NO
do we stand up and fight for our rights? NO
we but smile sweetly and reply with two words : yes sir

ah, lame stuff aside, i mentioned once that on my island, I've seen THE MOST beautiful skies.
Dont believe me?
Try THIS on for size

And though hellish it may be at some point or another, with all the complaints coming in from tofu recruit's parents, along with the immense workload piling up (not comparable to uni of course). There are still times when it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Take my PC Cheng for instance. The one man i respect. I enlisted under him back when i was a rec, and when i returned as a spec, i then served under him. Not once have i regretted making that decision.
Rare huh? Jy being so sentimental here. (i digress)
Just yesterday in bunk i muttered to Vin,
"Eh vin i suddenly thought of 03/09 and realised, they were the best so far we've got"
to which he immediately replied: "woah!, since when you so sentimental"

Hmm, am i that unfeeling? maybe eh?
where was i again? dammit.
oh yea, PC, so like said, though he usually keeps his distance from us, him in his office and us doing our work in the other room. He still takes note of us and does little things that make you feel glad to be in his platoon.
Once when a snack was being passed around, i mentioned in passing that "hey! i used to love this stuff! my mum always bought it"

almost 3 months later, in the office, he came up to me. " Jy, come see me, i got something that you love (all in chinese)"
naturally i was bewildered as to what he could have meant. Something i love? he couldnt have bought me a bed now could he?
whereby he then dug around his drawers and presented that particular snack to me
"Sir, how you know i like to eat this"
"That time field camp you said you like ma

And these are the 3 idiots i've spent my time gaying around with in bunk.
Presenting my bunk mates, and fellow Recs (we were all recs tgt in the same company)

Xin Li
Artist extraordinaire (PL3 PS)

The Duo Bitches, *L->R*
Vin(working with me in PL4), Yew an (PL1 PS)

Much as I hate listening to their whining, it'll be a noise i shall miss in due time.

To that,
Cheers my friends, we've slaved together for quite some time now
and in just a few more days, we shall be liberated together

like macham some liberation speech xio

p.s :
okay i know these arent exactly flattering shots taken of them, but i was lazy to go search for ones which made them look like bloody movie stars. oh, if you find them handsome or cute or whatever and want their contact numbers, please, do approach me. i'd be happy to provide

great, now im like a pimp


  1. I love it when jiayao gets sentimental. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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