MAD Jack Cafe @ Pasir Ris White Sands

Date Visited : 140110


Decorated like a diner. Has abit of retro plus contemporary themes. The outlet replaces the Wan Chai cafe. It is located outside several shops on the second floor.

FOOD: 2.5/10


The menu don't seem to have pasta in it. Some of food items got funny names like TiraMadsu. Apparently, it features Aussie Cuisine.

1. Grilled Fish with Cream Sauce - $8.90: 2/5
Served with Mashed Potato and Apple Peach Salad

Firstly, the Apple Peach salad. The veg is not fresh, a bit limpy upon biting them and it seem to use those normal lettuce.

Next, the mashed potato. It tasted factory made. Starchy and powdery texture reminds me of those instant mashed potatoes. The sauce is so-so. Normal brown sauce with black pepper.

The fish doesn't taste fresh, the fish isn't firm enough in my opinion, breaks into flakes quite easily that I have to scoop them up. The accompanying cream sauce reminds me of something I had before. Then I finally remembered what the taste was. There was a hint of cheese in the sauce, but not cheese like parmesan etc but rather processed cheese. It tasted a little salty and rather ordinary, there isn't any depth in this dish. 8.90 SGD is too much for this dish. You can get better ones, much more better ones in Manhattan Fish Market downstairs or a hawker centre.

SERVICE : 5/10
So-so. The service is average. They are quite friendly.

VALUE: 2/10
For just a badly executed dish of 8.90 SGD, One has to fork out $9.20 at the end of the meal. The service and food clearly doesn't deserve its $9.20 payment. I would pay $5-7 with GST & Svc Charge for the food here.

OVERALL : 3/10
MadJack Cafe is one of those sleek looking, presentable outlets that disappoints. The food is rather average to poor. The service isn't great. For that kind of $$$ range prices, I believe you can get better food elsewhere like the food court upstairs etc.

The place is suitable for :
- Lunch
- Dinner

Xin Li Felt like he just ate Combat Rations for dinner
and WILL NOT visit the place again.


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