Joy Garden Restaurant @ SAFRA Jurong

Vinleon and other 3 went down to Joy Garden Restaurant for an event on the 9th of January. They were providing a buffet for the guests at the event.


The place of dining was the Ball Room. The place was normal, nothing special or negative.

FOOD: 6/10

1. Nasi Briyani : 3/5
It was so-so with a stronger Tumeric flavour than usual nasi bryanis.

2. Sweet and Sour Fish : 4/5
The sweet and sour fish scored high marks with most of the members because it was not too sweet or sour. It was just nice and the fish meat tasted good. The dish was well-executed.

3. Fried Prawn with Cereal : 3/5
It was normal. Nothing Special.

4. Broccoli with Mushrooms : 3/5
Was good at the start but we start to notice that the sauce is not very fluid and looks abit too starchy for presentation. Taste-wise it was alright.

5. Samosa : 2/5
Not good, soggy and not crispy at all.

6. Fried Wantons : 2/5

7. Almond Jelly : 1/5
The almond taste was extremely strong and artificial.

SERVICE : 5/10
So-so. The service staff doesn't look friendly though.

The meal was a buffet (catering style)

OVERALL : 6/10
The buffet is quite okay taking into account that it is a a catered buffet.

The place is suitable for :
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Large Gathering
- Corporate Events
- Weddings

Vinleon Felt So-so at the end of his meal
and probably wouldn't visit the place again.


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