Yeah, it's the bistro again. Yeah, they are THIS good. My comments are on top of what Xinli has given. (and thanks Xinli for setting this wonderful site up!) Keep in mind this dinner was for a posse of 32 hungry man.


Found along the coasts of Changi Beach, it has a typical beach hut bar kinda setting. Windy and cosy, this place is highly recommended for chilling out.

FOOD: 7.5/10


The menu ....

1. Garden salad: 3.5/5
Romaine lettuce, zucchini, tomato. very basic combi, so points for freshness, dressing and choosing to use zucchini instead of regular cucumbers.

2. Mushroom soup: 3/5
Did use fresh mushrooms instead of canned ones, but could be more generous with it. cream taste slightly more prominent than mushroom. most points lost from being too watery.

3. NZ Tenderloin Steak - $26.90: 4/5
I asked for a medium rare steak, and the steak was well done! (not in the sense it's 100% cooked, pardon me, it's just the right degree of done-ness) It's not too chewy nor too tough. Then again, the ease of cutting and chewing might be due to the choice of cut of the steak. (not a steak connoisseur, aiming to be one) Sauce is flavourful, yet not too salty. yum yum.

SERVICE : 9.5/10
I'm in awe of the efficiency when I first reached there. the place was set up, awaiting our arrival. After we settled down, they took our orders promptly, and food came rather quickly. (remember, 34 people) They took extra effort in making sure we're comfortable and satiated. Oh, and they gave us a lot of promo and discounts. And did I mention 2 cakes were on the house? (the 0.5 left out is to leave room for improvement, not that they really need it. =/)

VALUE: 8.5/10
GST: 7%
As mentioned above, the promos and discounts made it so much more value for money to dine there. I'm also taking into account the excellent service which is certainly priceless.

OVERALL : 9/10
Ambience. Checked. Food. Checked. Service. Checked. Value. Checked. What more do we expect?

The place is suitable for :
-Large gatherings

-Romantic dates


-Alfresco dining


Vinleon felt Like a king! at the end of his meal
and will definitely visit the place again.


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