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It all begun in the army when we found out that food was a common topic that gels us together. Hence, theMOOSE was born. Along with Yew Ann, Vinleon and Jia Yao, we were fellow bunkmates and even BMT mates from the same company. When it came to deciding a name, we ended up naming the blog after a random soft toy that Jia Yao brought to camp. It was random in Monty Python sort of way but fun.

We are essentially a loose group of people sharing the love for food. While Mu Yao, Vinleon and Liang Wei did posts from time to time, Mu Yao and I are currently running the blog together. We are neither doctors with PhD in food science or any cuisine, nor are we Cordon Bleu graduates but we have a strong love for food (among other passions such as art and travelling) and we learn about food, we cook food, we photograph food and last but not least we share about food.

To know more about the people behind this blog, you could refer to their individual pages.

To contact us, please email  (Mu Yao) or  (Xin Li).

the moose & snowman

the soft toy. the soft toy.

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