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A little late but would like to share this work I did for the "Creativity in Pulses" exhibition at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre which is open till 30th September 2017

When Randy approached me to come up with a piece on Chinese culture in Singapore I am overwhelmed by the complexity and vastness of the subject matter especially in a multiracial country.
There are certain things easily associated with Chinese culture like Teochew opera or Chinese style architecture but what interest me is the development and overlapping of cultures like the shared memories of Chinese medium television (anyone remembers Jigong starring Xie Shaoguang or the Unbeatables starring Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay?) to colloquial names of places and how a modern structure like People's Park Complex became a "Chinese" landmark of Chinatown and became part of shared memories we grew up with...

The work is called "Journey" because it was an exploration of all these elements : history, culture, food, architecture and something more personal like my family roots. At the end of the day, it is only the tip of the iceberg of the rich local culture in Singapore. This journey of exploring our culture continues.

The exhibition was opened on the 20th of May this year, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre has organized tours of the exhibition led by young docents.

There was a live media coverage too.

There are 19 artists in total taking part in the exhibition. 
Here is Sarah Choo checking her video installation, Waiting for the Elevator before the opening of the exhibition.

Jotham Koh's Guanxi.

Ong Kian Peng's Flux.

The exhibition ends on the 30th of September and it is held at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre designed by DP Architects. The view from the rooftop garden is pretty nice in the evening.

You can find out more here or here


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