Kyoto : Excellent Tonkatsu at Katsukura

Katsukura 名代とんかつ「かつくら」

20th December 2012.
Kyoto, Japan
Remembering the great tonkatsu I had the last time during my second trip to Kyoto, I brought the boys to Katsukura once again for some tonkatsu. Unlike the last time, when I got 120g of Sirloin Katsu, I decided to get a smaller portion of 80g of the Premium Sirloin Katsu (1180 JPY).

Katsukura 名代とんかつ「かつくら」

The katsu here has a wonderful crust that seemingly disintegrates as you take a bite and the sirloin meat was extremely tender. You could enjoy your katsu with one of the two sauces, one of which is rather spicy while the other was sweeter.

Katsukura 名代とんかつ「かつくら」 - Premium Sirloin Katsu

Unlike the last time, I think the restaurant figured out that that some of their diners have no clue on how to eat their katsu so they provided instructions on how to prepare the sauces and consume the katsu with them (like Ding Tai Feng did for their xiaolongbaos)



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